Serving Arlington and Grand Prairie areas, Property Management Aces is the community’s premiere choice for property management services.

Our property managers have the experience, knowledge and professionalism you require for your rental property. You can feel secure in knowing you made the right choice when choosing our team to handle your management needs.

Give us a chance to prove that we’re up for the job. We offer a FREE, no obligation consultation to answer any questions and alleviate any concerns you may have. Serving the community is at the forefront of our mission and goals.

We offer the full range of property management services and can tailor to your individual needs.

Some examples include:

Locating and screening tenants

Property maintenance and repair coordination

Rent collection

Assessing late fees

Handling of eviction

Professional market analysis/marketing of your property

Additional services provided!

Our aim is for this process to be as easy and seamless as possible for all investors and tenants. Our years of experience has been the reason we have been the go to choice for large portfolio investors and first time rental home owners.

We deal with any headaches so you don’t have to.

The last thing you want to do is have to deal with  a tenant calling you about something not working when you’re in the middle of spending time with your family, watching the Cowboys or Rangers or simply just relaxing.

Let us handle any problems that might arise. You don’t want to have to scrounge around trying to find the right technician willing to drop whatever they’re doing and go over to your rental property to assess the situation. We have trusted vendors who can perform the jobs correctly, efficiently, and at a reasonable cost.

Here are some common questions we receive:

Do you require long-term contracts?

Absolutely not! Many property management companies in Arlington/Grand Prairie require you to sign these. Our philosophy has always been: if you are not happy with our service then we do not deserve your business. We believe in earning your business and want you to stay with us because YOU want to not because you are locked in to a contract.

Do you help with emergency situations as well?

Yes! We have an extensive list of trusted and vetted technicians that has taken many years to accumulate. Because so much of our business is built on relationships we have developed relationships with these vendors based on mutual trust. Because of this we often get discounted service fees for our clients.

Do you provide round the clock 24/7 property management services?

We sure do! When we say we want to earn your business, we really do mean it. Customer service is at the heart of our business and we stand ready at all times to meet the needs of our clients. Unfortunately, problems can happen at any time whether it’s the weekend or not so we wouldn’t be able to completely service our clients’ needs if we only made ourselves available during business hours.

What will I have to do? Will you handle everything?

If you would like us to handle everything, then yes we can absolutely do that. If you decide you would like to be involved in certain aspects then that is your choice. We tailor our services to meet your needs. We work for you in as much or as little capacity as you choose. We offer 100% full scale property management services as needed. It is your rental property and we are here to make things easier for you.

These are some of the common questions we receive and hope this has been informative for you in showing what we can offer. We also have a dedicated FAQ page on this website as well to help an answer any additional questions.

Still have a question that wasn’t covered?

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